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Addinol Lubricants


We import Addinol Lubricants directly from Germany. Addinol have a large range of lubricants, some of which are unique to the market place outperforming local competitors. It is these we import and stock. Please see the list below.
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Eco Gear 100 M, 220M, 320M 460M and 680 M
High-performance gear oils with Surftec® -technology for closed industrial gears, roller and sliding bearings at high loads, operating range from -10 °C up to +100 °C  prevent micro-pitting and pittings, improve running-in behaviour, re-smoothing of defective friction surface areas
Eco Gear 220 S, 320S and 460 S
Fully-synthetic high-performance gear oils with Surftec® technology, free of silicone, operating range from -30 °C up to +120 °C, for mechanically and thermally heavy loaded gears (e.g. wind power plants), prevention of micro-pitting and pittings, clear prolongation of the life-time of machines and lubricant, saving of energy, re-smoothing of defective friction surface areas
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Poly Gear PG 220, PG 320, PG 460 and PG 680
Fully-synthetic oils for the lubrication of bearings and industrial gears, for the application in sliding and roller bearings and heavy loaded industrial gears, particularly suitable for high temperatures,
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Chain Lube XHT 50, 250 and 3000
Based on a synthetic ester, Addinol Chan Lube XHT oils are low to high temperature chain oils and feature very adhesive and water washout resistance properties. They have a universal application and can be used on chains and hinges ranging from motor bikes, cars, trucks to heavily loaded heavily high temperature conveyor and drive chains such as powder coating and paint lines. Can be used up to +250 °C. Addinol Chain Lube is available in three different viscosities to suit your application.
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Chain System Cleaner BR
Highly efficient lubricant based on ester for cleaning lubricating systems operated with synthetic hydrocarbons, also fit for high-temperature lubrication of conveyor chains
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Adhesive Lubricant OG 0
Aluminium complex grease based on mineral oil especially for large open tooth gears (e.g. cement tube mills), EP-additivated, sprayable, -10 up to +180 °C
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Liquid Grease SGR 4-00-9P
Lithium soap grease based on mineral oil for industrial gears, versatile usage, -30 up to +120 °C
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Liquid Grease PG-00
Synthetic oil (thickener lithium soap), lubrication of highly loaded spur and worm gears at low temperatures, -40 up to +120 °C
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Longlife Grease HP 2
Lithium-calcium-soap (HP 2) greases based on mineral oil, long-term greases, in particular for high loads and extreme environmental influences (large amounts of water)
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Wear Protect HTP 2
Lithium-calcium-soap grease based on mineral oil, long term grease, in particular for application in mining/open-cast mining, ships and oil platforms as well as walking excavators, -20 up to +120 °C
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Hightemp XFT 2
High-temperature grease based on synthetic oils, lubrication of oven devices, hot-blast fans, manipulators, conveyors, -35 up to +180 °C
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High-temperature grease based on synthetic oils, lubrication of oven devices, hot-blast fans, manipulators, conveyors, +300 °C
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Anti-frost and anti-corrosion grease with lithium-calcium soap as thickener, also for the lubrication of sliding and roller bearings, biodegradable
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FG Universal 46, 68 and 100
Fully synthetic gear, hydraulic and compressor oils for plants in food industry
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Multiplex 2 AU
Light aluminium-complex-soap greases based on synthetic oil for food and feed industry, listed according to NSF H1, physiologically harmless
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WXA Spray
Physiologically harmless spray for the application in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and paper industry, lubrication and preservation of transport chains and belts
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Fully-synthetic oils for lubrication of conveyor chains in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, also suited for gears in food industry exposed to minor loads
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Anti-Corrosion Spray KO 6-F
Solvent-containing anti-corrosion fluid with water-repellent and good penetrating properties for the temporary protection of metallic surfaces, forms a thin oily to slightly creamy film
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Ecosynth Flange Grease
Lithium soap grease for the lubrication of contact surface wheel flange/rail flank and sliding surfaces at switches, tension and stress installations, very good biodegradability, colour: yellow, -30 up to +80 °C/-22 up to +176 °F
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