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Grease Metering and Grease Monitoring

Assalub Grease Flow Meter pdf_icon Assalub “LubeMon” Grease Monitoring System (Wired and Wireless)
LubeMon is the first monitoring system that guarantees lubricant is discharged into the bearing with the correct amount each and every time. Grease meters available in aluminium or stainless steel can be connected with or without wires back to a PC or the Assalub Monitoring Unit.Grease Flow Meter System Instructions

Grease Meter Manual

Assalub Grease Meter MK III Assalube Grease Meter Assalub Digital Grease Meter
The Assalub grease meter works with most kinds of grease guns. Before you start lubricate you can reset the meter with the press of a button. The meter displays the amount with large (9 mm) and easy to read numbers on a display with the unit (cm³, g, oz, or fl.oz.).View Assalub Digital Grease Meter Instructions