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Heavy Duty Oil Drum Pumps

  pdf_icon Balcrank High Flow Oil Pumps 
These pumps are designed for maximum performance and reliability.
For use in large workshops and installations and are suited for heavy industries such as mining, industrial and earthmoving where high pressure or high flow is required.B-1130-026 6:1 – 65LPM upto 6 points
B-1130-027, 5:1 – 102LPM up to 5 points
B-1130-024, 10:1 – 61LPM up to 6 points
  pdf_icon Samoa Pumpmaster 4 and Pumpmaster 6
Double acting air operated high-pressure pump for dispensing lubricants in medium to large size installations including multiple dispensing points with no simultaneous use. Pump can pump all type of lubricants, even those of higher viscosity.
349 000, 8:1 28LPM
343 000, 10:1 40LPM