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ILC Auto Lubrication Systems

ILC Logo Auto Lube System Since 1975 ILC has developed lubrication systems and applications that are currently installed by major manufacturers. From simple manual systems with single-point centralised lubricant distribution to fully automatic oil – grease system to lubricate large-sized machinery


The ILC Max is the most universal, cost effective and reliable automatic lubrication system available.  It is available in several sizes from 2kg, 4kg and 8kg and a choice of 12V, 24V or 240V suitable for oil and grease, with or without timer.Read More about the ILC MAX (Manual, Spare Parts, Installation Photos)
ILC Mini Max ILC Mini Max Auto Lube System Lube Control ILC Mini Max
The Mini-Max electric pump was designed to work both as a multi-outlet system and with DPX progressive distributors. Naturally both systems can also be combined. It is driven by a 12 V DC or 24 V DC gear motor and is capable of pumping grease with a max consistency of NLGI 2. The ILC Mini Max can be supplied with or without a Timer.ILC Mini Max Manual
The electric TWIN-PUMP has been designed for all applications that use Dual Line Systems.
This pump is generally used on medium and large sized machinery and equipment that
operate in harsh or extreme operating conditions for the various points to be lubricated.
The systems can be very complex and longer than 100 metres. Any type of system can be designed and set
up in a reliable, efficient manner, with the possibility of expansion. The system is available in either a 30kg or 100kg tank. All grease valves and accessories are available see more
ILC Also manufacture the following lubrication systems:

Volumetric lubrication

Consisting of manual or automatic pumps combined with volumetric metering valves, the ILC volumetric lubrication system can measure oil or grease. Normally installed in industrial machinery, it also allows for lubrication in systems with several points. You can control pump operation and circuit integrity.

Resistive Lubrication

It is the ILC basic system that can dispense only oil and, combined with manual or automatic pumps, the DPT resistive metering units allow for continuous or intermittent lubrication depending on the metering and type of supply. Particularly suitable for agricultural overhead contact lines and small systems

Minimal Lubrication

The minimal ILC LUBETOOLS units are designed to lubricate removal-deformation operating tools and rotation and movement components with a minimum amount of lubrication. The advantages derive from the elimination of emulsions by improving processing and extending tool life

Air/Oil Lubrication

The ILC SPINDLE systems are designed to lubricate bearings and components that rotate at high/very high speeds. They are usually applied to lubricate bearings in electric spindles and mechanical processing heads. Combined with their control, they fully detect system operation

Multi-line Lubrication

The ILC multi-output pumps are applied where simultaneous lubrication is required at several points without using dispensers. Oil-based to lubricate the catenary and moving components, they may have different capacities. The grease versions are intended to be used in heavy-duty industrial sectors

Fittings and Accessories

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