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Mobile And Stationary Fuel Dispensers

pdf_icon 240V CUBE pumps
240V CUBE pumps have been developed for the distribution of Diesel fuel in non-commercial uses.
With CUBE fuel pumps, vehicles can be refuelled quickly and safely, with various options for measuring and recording the quantities dispensed.
pdf_icon 240V CUBE 70 MC
CUBE 70 MC has been designed and manufactured to cater for the demand for a compact diesel-fuel dispenser for private use that is easy to install, ensures fast and precise dispensing and can only be used by qualified personnel.
pdf_icon MC Preset – Fuel dispenser with pre selection
MC Preset fuel dispenser designed to cater for the market demand for a dispensing unit complete with pump, flow meter and nozzle, and which is above all easily interfaceable with the most sophisticated fleet management systems, which often do not feature the hydraulic part and the power electronics for pump control.
pdf_icon 240 Self Serve Bowser Kit.
Flow rates from 70 to 90 l/min. Pre-selection dispensing. +/- 0.5 % precision. Able to control from minimum 50 to max 120 users.
pdf_icon 12V to 240V DRUM without meter
The DRUM series has been developed for easy connection to oil drums, thanks to a 2” quick coupling.
This unit offers a simple and efficient solution for transferring or dispensing fluids from a drum in any situation.
pdf_icon 12V to 240V DRUM with meter
Same as the DRUM above – with a meter.


12V and 24VDC Fuel Battery Kit
This is a portable unit for transferring Diesel fuel, fitted with a pump run by a 12 V or 24 V DC electric motor.
pdf_icon Viscotroll – 240V Mobile unit for diesel and oil transfer
Viscotroll is the ideal product for delivering oil from a drum anywhere in the workshop. As it is powered by electricity it can be connected to any power socket thus eliminating the need for compressed air.

pdf_icon Viscotroll – 24VDC
Viscotroll DC is the ideal solution for dispensing oil any time, anywhere, without using compressed air or power mains.