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Fuel Storage and Dispensing Kits

 pdf_icon Portable 200, 400 and 600 litre diesel storage and dispensing kits
Come with six kit options with varying 12V pumps and either automatic or manual fuel nozzles are available. Ideal for industry, mining and agriculture.
   pdf_icon Twin skinned tank
Consists of an internal HDPE tank surrounded by an integrated galvanised sheet steel bund.  Suitable storage of fresh oil, waste oil and diesel fuel. 
pdf_icon Fuelcube High Volume Fuel Tanks
Extremely durable fluid storage tanks. Available in various sizes. Suitable for truck, ute or yard.
FP-0030, 1000L
FP-0035, 2000L
FP-0040, 3000L
    M4400-ML Tool and Fuel Kit
Integrated tool box, fuel tank, 12V diesel fuel transfer pump and two lockable secure enclosed cabinets. Two lockable sides provide tool and fuel pump security. Open one or both cabinet sides with ample clearance. 400 litre fuel tank capacity. 80 litre capacity storage area for required tools. Fuel transfer rates of up to 40LPM
Dimensions: 1320 mm long x 700 mm wide x 815 mm high
    79910 340L Mobile Lockable Diesel Fuel Tank with Pump & Meter
Fully mobile, lockable and a low centre of gravity for stability. Double wall tank manufactured from HDPE
Integrated sheet steel collection tray. Complete with 12V, 50LPM pump with automatic nozzle and 4m filling hose. Flowmeter for the electric pump. Equipped with an optical leakage detector.
Dimensions 1280mm long x 790mm wide x 870mm high, 89kg