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Electric Oil Pumps & Kits

P200-BV 12V Oil Pump, Gear, 30 LPM
USA made by GPI 12v gear pump only. Suitable for medium viscosity oils such as 30 weight oil.*Do not use with petrol or diesel fuel. Up to 30 LPM with 30 weight oil at 15c or 20 weight oil at 4c. Duty Cycle: 30 min. Suction/Discharge/Total Lift: .7m/3.7m/5.3m Weight: 13kg Temp: -28c/+51c Inlet/outlet: 1″ NPTF Draws 15.5A
 12 and 24V Oil Pump – Gear, 10 LPM Gear pump.
Sintered steel gears. Noise levels less than 65dB. 10 LPM when pumping SAE30 oil. Hot oil up to 70c. Max viscosity: 600cSt Duty Cycle: 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off. 18 Amp. Weight: 4.9kg 3/4″ BSPF ports Max pressure: 5 bar . Integrated bypass.
310010 12V
309010 24V
   pdf_icon  Piusi  12/24 Oil Transfer Kit with on/off Gun 
Flow rates of up to 10LPM Self-priming rotary vane pump Supplied inclusive of a 2-metre battery connection cable with clips, 4-metre 3/4″ diam. oil delivery hose, on/off control valve and intake hose filter. Duty cycle of 30 minutes on & 30 minutes off.
309060 12V Oil Transfer Kit
310070 24V Oil Transfer Kit
pdf_icon Piusi 304100 240V Oil Pump – Gear, 9 LPM
Gear pump – 9 LPM when pumping SAE30 oil. Hot oil up to 70c. 1″ BSPF inlet/outlet. Weight: 9kg. Max pressure: 160psi. 240V, 50Hz; 1450 rpm,
  pdf_icon Piusi 334900 240V Oil Pump – Vane, 25 LPM  Vane pump
For continuous operation; sintered steel rotor with resin vanes. Noise levels less than 70dB. 25 LPM when pumping SAE30 oil. Hot oil up to 70c. Weight: 14.2kg. Max pressure: 6 bar 750 watt; 1450 rpm. Integrated bypass. 3/4″ BSPF ports.
240V Oil Pump 50LPM with carry cage  pdf_icon 305300 240V Oil Transfer Tank Pump
High volume 240V pump upto 50LPM with cage. Includes thermal protection and a recirculation bypass. Inlet/outlet threads of 3/4″ BSP (f. Gear type pump manufactured in Germany provides years of trouble free operation. Pressures up to 150psi.
65EA 240V Oil Pump – 65 LPM
240V, 1″ Outlet 65 LPM when pumping SAE30 oil, free flow. Motor: 3 HP self ventilated w/ recirculation bypass. IP55. Pressure: 8kg/cm2. Suction: 2.5 mtrs. Delivery: up to 60 mtrs. Inlet/outlet: 1″ BSPF. *Requires 15 amp fuse.
 pdf_icon Piusi F00263200 Viscotroll 240V electric mobil dispener
The ideal solution for dispensing oil any time, anywhere, without using compressed air or power mains.The unit includes a self-priming gear pump with a 12-VDC electric motor.