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205L Oil Pumps

pdf_icon Samoa Pump Master Air Operated Oil Pump 60/205L, 
Double acting 205L drum pumps. Suit 2″ bungs. 100mm. Different pressure ratios for different applications.

351110 50LPM 1:1 Drum Pump – fluid transfer only (high volume, low pressure)
353110  30LPM 3:1 Drum Pump – use with hose reel (medium pressure, medium volume)
341100 45LPM 3:1 Drum Pump
348100 35LPM 5:1 Drum Pump – use where long length/several of oil lines are (high pressure, low volume)

    Alemite  Air Operated 60/205L Oil Drum Pumps
Alemite USA made.  performance RAM air motor. Different pressure ratios for different applications.
9917-B 60LPM 1:1
9919-B 40LPM 3:1 
9969-B 28LPM 5:1  Techical Service 9969
9971-B 15LPM 10:1
 pdf_icon Macnaught R Series 205L drum Pumps

R100 1:1 60LPM  R100 R300 Instruction Manual
R300 3:1 23LPM
R500 5:1 28LPM  R500 Instruction Manual