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Blaster Products

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“PB Blaster”
The Penetrating Catalyst
PB Blaster
A powerful penetrating catalyst designed to free up and break loose rusty nuts and bolts. It also lubricates and halts rust and corrosion. Formulated as a penetrant, not just a Water Dispersant.
 Silicone Lube  Silicon Lube
Its double strength so gets the job done. It contains 25% silicon whereas most lubricants contain between 3 and 7%.
  Dry (Teflon) Lube
Provides a dry and tackless, lubricant coating on almost any surface. Great for use in areas where silicon can not be used such as sign writers, panel beaters and spray painters.
 Track and Cable Lube  Track and Cable Lube
Designed for the trucking industry to make side curtains slide freely, it eliminates friction and dries tack-free, so dust and dirt do not accumulate. Also excellent for marine use, especially on yachts.
 Decal & Sticker remover  Decal & Sticker remover (DSR)
Specifically engineered for the removal of vinyl lettering and graphics. Incredibly useful in the panel beating industry to remove vinyl and pin striping. DSR is designed to break down and destroy the adhesive ability of stickers and labels, thus allowing them to be removed without harming or scratching the base paint. It is also a fabulous adhesive remover and will free surfaces frees of adhesive and gum.
   Little Miracle blade
An incredible tool for removing vinyl sign lettering, pin striping and graphics. Made of plastic so it does not scratch the surface making it ideal for painted surfaces.