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Oil Rite Lubrication Systems

pdf_icon Electric and Manual Oilers
Single feed and multi feed gravity fed oilers with the choice of crylic and pyrex reservoirs (5Oz to 1Gal available). Manual or electronic shut off.
pdf_icon Gravity Fed Chain Lubricators
Gravity Fed Chain adjustable through a needle. Upto 24 feeds available. Manual or electronic on/off control. Stainless oil brushes and natural oil brushes ranging from 6mm to 275mm available.
pdf_icon Oil Reservoirs
Quality oil reservoirs ranging from 5Oz to 1Gal. Acrylic and Pyrex. Accessories such as low level, high level float switches and strainers can be mounted in oil reservoirs.

Constant Level Oilers
Constant level lubricators automaticallymaintain the oil in a bearing reservoir at a constant level.
pdf_icon Pressurised spray lubricators
Pitot Tubes ensure that oil samples are drawn from the most appropriate location of the sump reservoir, and that the sample is taken from the exact location inside the system each time
How Constant Level Oilers Work