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Fuel Meters

   pdf_icon Macnaught DM100 Fuel Meter
A highly reliable and accurateflow meter for all refueling needs. Compatible are fluids diesel, kerosene and petrol.
DM100 Instruction Sheet
DM100 01 BD instruction_sheet
   pdf_icon Macnaught “F” range of oval gear fuel and oil meters
Positive displacement oval gear flowmeters that are optimized for fuel and oil measurement applicationsModel Nominal Size Flow Range Max Pressure
- 006 1/4″ 0.5-100 lph 10 Bar/150 PSI 06 instructions
- 009 1/4″ 15-500 lph10 Bar/150 PSI 09 instructions
- 012 1/2″ 2-30 lpm 55 Bar/800 PSI (instructions: 012_mech / 012_pulse
- 019 3/4″ 3-80 lpm 55 Bar/800 PSI  (instructions 019_pulse)
- 025 1″ 6-120 lpm 138 Bar/2000 PSI (instructions: 025_mech / 025_pulse)
- 040 1.5″ 10-250 lpm 138 Bar/2000 PSI (instuctions: 040_mech / 040_pulse)
- 050 2″ 15-500 lpm 55 Bar/800 PSI (instructions: 050_mech / 050_pulse)
- 075 3″ 20-733 lpm 12 Bar/175 PSI (instructions 075_mech / 075_pulse)
- 100 4″ 120-1200 lpm 12 Bar/175 PSI (instructions100_mech / 100_pulse)
pdf_icon Piusi Electronic Digital Fuel Meters
The electronic oval gear meters for product delivery control and measurement are used in the private distribution of low, medium and high viscosity fluids such as fuel, lubrication oil and other special fluids compatible with the construction materials.
pdf_icon Piusi Pulse Meters
The oval gear pulse meters are designed to meet a wide range of product delivery measuring requirements in the private distribution of fuel, lubricant and low, medium and high viscosity liquids.
pdf_icon Piusi Remote Display Unit
Designed and realised to be used with the range of pulse meters. Remote installation is provided by simply connecting 2 wires.t
pdf_icon Piusi Turbine Digital Meter
A meter for delivering low viscosity fluids with a turbine measuring system. Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe, equipped with an easy-to read, compact screen.
pdf_icon Piusi Fuel Meter – Turbineox
Simple, reliable, small, economical. These meters are easily to install either in line or at the end of the delivery hose and are provided with an easy to read compact display.
  Piusi Mechanical Fuel Meter
K33 and K44 are nutating disk meters that measure the exact quantity of the dispensed fuel or lubricant. Upto 9999L.Flow-rate (range): 20÷120 l/min (5,3÷32 gal/min). Precision: ±1% of flow range after calibration
pdf_icon Piusi Mechanical Fuel Meter with oval gears
Volumetric flow meters with mechanical indicator for dispensing control of diesel fuel in high flow-rate plants.
Flow rates: from 20 to 220 l/min. Accuracy: ± 1% over the flow rate range (40÷200 l/min).