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400g and 450g Grease Guns   pdf_icon  Alemlube Manual Hand Held Grease Guns 400g and 450g
Lever action and trigger grease guns to suit a range or cartridges or fill from bulk.
McNaught K29 – 400g and 450g Macnaught Trigger Grease Gun
A classic  Macnaught grease gun, the FLEXIGUN® incorporates a unique variable stroke operation, able to reach increased greasing pressures from short strokes and increased greasing volumes from full strokes.
McNaught K45 – 400g and 450g Macnaught LeverGrease Gun
K45 The LEVERGUN™ is a high quality, lever action grease gun manufactured for professional use. Designed for high pressure, high volume greasing, this classic gun can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples.
    400g and 450g Clear Colour Grease Guns
Identify and colour co-ordinate your greases  pdf_icon Rechargable Electric (Cordless) Grease Guns  450g
14V and 18V cordless grease guns to suit 450g cartridge. pdf_icon  Air Operated Grease Guns 400g and 450g
Air operated grease guns to suit 400g and 450g cartridges. Single shot or continous available.
  Grease Gun Accessories
Grease gun extensions, button head and needlepoint couplers, swivels, extensions etc