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20kg Greasing Kits

  Alemite 7531-A4 20kg Lever Action Grease Pump 
For all greases up to NLGI3. Equipped with a 1.8m delivery hose and heavy duty coupler. Pump outlet of 3/8”NPT (f). Follower plate and carry handle included. 4,000psi grease pressure
  Samoa 108000 20kg Grease Gun Loader Pump
Facilitates fast, convenient and containment free grease gun refill – up to 50cc per stroke. Reduces your per kilo grease price by buying your grease in 20kg drums.
Can be used in conjunction with Australian, European and US manufactured grease guns. High quality follower plate eliminates air pocket problems.
  pdf_icon Macnaught J2 Grease Transfer Pump
An economical solution for relling most standard grease gunsusing larger grease pails from 12.5 kg (28 lbs) up to 22 kg.
  Samoa 424170 20kg Grease Kit
55:1 ratio air motor develops grease pressures up to 7,950psi. Suitable for tacky grease up to NLGI2. Fully serviceable with individual spare parts and service kits readily available. 424170S is suitable for use in underground coal mines
    Alemite 9911-H Grease Kit
50:1 ratio grease pump develops grease pressures up to 7,500psi. Single shot or continuous flow handpiece. Quiet operation. 9611-HS is also available and is suitable for use in underground coal mines.
pdf_icon  Yamada Electrically Operated 20kg Grease Kits
24V and 240V 20kg electric grease systems. Ideal for remote locations or where no air is present.KPL-24SP, 24V Electric 20kg Grease Kit
KLP-24EX, 24V Electric 20Kg Grease Kit
EPL-240, 240V Electric 20kg Grease Kit
  Grease Control Valves  pdf_icon Grease Gun Accessories
Grease swivels, couplers and extensions.