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Prevent Gear Failure

ADDINOL Eco Gear, with the innovative Surftec® formula against wear, is designed as high-performance industrial gear oil for modern gear efficiency. ADDINOL Eco Gear has achieved spectacular success for many years. Mining, cement, paper or sugar industries, ship gear units or wind power plants – ADDINOL Eco Gear impresses with outstanding results. ADDINOL Eco Gears success is unmatched and supported by well-known independent institutions, such as the FZG*.Eco Gear M is based is a mineral oil and Eco Gear S is the synthetic version. Both versions contain Surftec® as substance combination and adapts to the changing loads in gear teeth whilst bonding to the gear.ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S prevent the formation of both pitting and micro pitting as well as abrasive wear. The high performance gear oils safely protect against material removal and deterioration.Addinol Eco Gear Case Studies and technical download information…Mining bucket wheel excavators
Bucket wheel excavators are among the largest mining equipment in the world. The 288 (288 excavator) by Krupp is in fact the largest excavator in the world and can move 240,000 tonnes of dirt. In 2006 a gear inspection was made on the main drive. Pitting of the gear teeth was discovered and as was metal wear in the filter. The oil was changed to Addinol Eco Gear 460M. To date no more pitting or failure has occurred! Read More…

Container Ship
In January 2005 the container ship MS Jessilena laid anchored in Beirut/Lebanon. The ship was filled with containers which was essential freight for Western Mediterranean ports. Strong pittings were discovered on the gears and the damage was clearly recognised. Running the ship was not an option, as the threat of high seas would only result in a complete loss of transmission. Addinol Eco Gear was immediately used to fill the gearbox to ensure the ship would arrive at it’s destination safely. Months later the transmission was still running extremely well. Read More…

Quarry Crusher
Crushers in quarries operate under extreme loads, which change dramatically as do Australian ambient temperatures. Quarry maintenance personnel checked the oil circulation system weekly on one particular crusher. It was normal practice to clean out the wear debris from the filter every time. After some consultations Addinol Eco Gear 220M was implemented. No more filings have occurred in the filter element.

Zinc processing plant
Slurry consistency in mine processing plants changes often. Agitator gearboxes that blend this slurry function with varying loads. Maintenance personal checked these gearbox on a regular basis only to find elevated operating temperatures. One gearbox was changed to Addinol Eco Gear 320M only to find the operating temperature was reduced. All agitator gearboxes were changed to Addinol Eco Gear 320.

Addinol Eco Gear is available from ISO VG100 to ISO VG 680 and available in 20L and 205L drums and BEST OF ALL available AUSTRLIA WIDE.

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Addinol Ecogear M
Filter with wear particles
Pitted gear teeth
Stabilised gear teeth with Addinol Ecogear M